PV solar systems

The PV Modules gather solar energy in the form of sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC), but because most home appliances such as TV, Lights, Fridges etc. do not use direct current, an inverter is needed to convert this DC power into alternating current (AC power, which is the type of electricity used in your home). PV Modules are joined together to form a PV Solar Panel system. Large PV systems can be integrated into buildings to generate electricity.

At Advanced Solar we make selecting and installing a suitable solar system a seamless and enjoyable process for all our clients. Our great track record stand out to our competitors. We offer complete installations of rooftop mounted solar panels with pure sinewave  inverter and battery back-up to provide a versatile solar power solution.

Our PV Solar Systems includes the following:

  • Telsa Powerwall Lithium-ion battery with 10 years warranty
  • 260W PV Modules with 25 years performance warraty
  • SolarEdge pure sinewave inverter with 12 years performance warranty

The Tesla Powerwall is a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery for residential and light commercial applications. The Powerwall can be used to store excess energy produced by solar panels for use in the evening or at night. It also provides user with load-shedding protection and emergency back-up power. 


  • Energy storage capacity
  • Continuous demand
  • 100% depth of Discharge
  • 10 year warranty
  • Designed for daily cycling application
  • Fully certified and contain no user-serviceable parts
  • Designed to provide full hybrid Power Solution

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